Care Home Manager Accused Of Taking £9000 From Elderly Resident…

Rowan House
Rowan House

Saltash care home manager, Sharon Smith who is 51 from Burraton is appearing at Truro Crown Court accused of fraudulently obtaining £9000 from a resident.

Sharon admits to having a gambling problem and found her online gambling addiction spiralling out of control, but denies the charges brought against her.

Evidence heard that after becoming manager at Rowan House care home in Saltash, Sharon took resident Robert Berridge, now 68, to a local Lloyd’s bank branch on numerous occasions between December 2014 and September 2015 telling him to withdraw cash.

Sharon told Robert that the extra money was to go towards top up fees for his care.

Truro Court
Truro Court

Mr Philip Lee who is representing Mr Berridge said

“Mr Berridge was a soft target. He trusted her and she was easily able to exploit him by misleading him and stealing his money. Robert Berridge did not owe Rowan House any money and there was no reason at all for the large amounts of money to be withdrawn from his account.”

Mr Lee also stated that the police investigation carried out did reveal that Smith had also borrowed thousands of pounds from her employer.

The accused had been working at Rowan Care Home for a number of years when she became the general manager in 2009 and was responsible for the day-to-day running of the facility.

In October 2015 Sharon Smith was arrested by police and as part of her bail conditions was prevented from visiting Rowan House.

It was heard that Sharon Smith also regularly visited a number of online casino websites.

The total amount she paid out to such online casinos in a year equated to £68,000.

Sharon Smith admits having a gambling habit, but said she would never steal to fund it.

She denies the count of fraud and the trial continues.


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