Does Saltash Have A Poo Problem? Dog Poo Patrollers Take Action!

clean up your poo
clean up your poo

There have been many complaints about dog poo being left around the streets and scenic spots around Saltash.

Often it is worse on a rainy day when some dog owners simply don’t want to stop or think the rain will wash it away!

Now a small Saltash team of residents are holding Dog Poo Patrol events across Saltash. Things must be very bad…

The poo patrollers whose slogan is ‘We take your shit seriously’, are concentrating mainly on Churchtown farm nature reserve and¬†Wearde but are hoping to cover more of Saltash as more members join.

This may sound like a strange hobby, but the organiser is hoping to turn the events into a social gathering.

poo patrol
poo patrol

The Poo Patrol Group has stated that;

“although its a gritty dirty job we are all like minded people, wanting the same thing for these places we are so lucky we can go and enjoy. We can all wash our hands at the end of the poo collection and go for a brew or food (for those who can stomach it!) somewhere together and truly feel pleased for what we have achieved.”

If you wish to help out then see the Poo Patrol Facebook Page

Great community spirit!

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