Hero Scott Tells How He Came To The Rescue Of Edward Thomas.

Scott Williamson
Scott Williamson

A few days ago Edward Thomas, 86, was feeding the birds in his garden at Cowdray Close when he tripped over a piece of wood and suffered an excruciating injury.

Edward lay on the ground for more than an hour with a broken hip while some people walked past and laughed at him.

Then an ordinary good man called Scott appeared on the scene to help. We tracked down Scott Williamson and asked for his story. Here’s what Scott said…

On Saturday 25th March around 5pm I was walking back from seeing my godson.

I saw an elderly man shouting for help so I rushed over to help him, he then told me he needed an ambulance, my phone had died so I ran to his next door neighbour to borrow the phone but had no answer.

I went back to check on Edward then tried another neighbour which then phoned the ambulance for him.

I then returned to Edward where I stood behind him to stop him falling down the stairs in his garden, whilst we was waiting for the ambulance to arrive Edward went on to tell me stories about his time in the army, he then went on telling me that when he left the forces he bought a field where he grew flowers and vegetables.

He also mentioned he used to work in the local sports shop. I loved hearing his stories.

In such little time I got to know Edward and got to know he is a very kind, honest and caring man.

I would like to wish him a very speedy recovery and wish him all the best for the future. I would also like to thank the family for all the lovely messages I have received.

This is an example of real charity, compassion and selflessness.

Thanks Scott!

This is the sort of story we would like to hear more often from residents in Saltash. Real stories that bring the community together. If you have a story – any story, get in touch!

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