Man Rescued From a Boat on the River Tamar

A man in distress has been rescued from a boat on the River Tamar.

Police and the MoD were drafted in to find him on Wednesday night.

He got into trouble in the water and officials managed to get him out with an inflatable boat.

The man was taken to Derriford with an injury to his abdomen.

A Navy spokesperson said: “The Ministry of Defence Marine Police Unit went to the aid of a distressed man who was travelling by boat on the River Tamar last night (Wednesday).

“At about 7pm the MOD Police were requested to assist Devon and Cornwall Police in locating the emotionally distressed male.

“The man was in a private boat travelling up river from Saltash Moorings. At one point the boat was seen to be out of control and unstable, but attempts by police to stop the boat failed.

“Eventually the man entered the water where he got into difficulties.

“He was removed from the water by MOD Police officers operating a rigid inflatable boat and removed to the riverside and the care of Devon and Cornwall Police.

“The man had an injury to his abdomen and was transferred to Derriford Hospital by ambulance.”


Source Pirate FM

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