Missing Woman Catherine Blandford found safe and well…

Catherine Blanford Missing Suffers from dementia
Catherine Blanford Missing Suffers from dementia

The police have released a statement saying that Catherine Blandford found safe and well and  they thank to the public of Saltash for all their help.

Catherine Blandford who is 78 and suffering from dementia went missing last night and was last seen at midnight yesterday.

This afternoon the police launched a search and rescue using dogs and a helicopter over the whole of Saltash. Police however concentrated on the Pillmere area where Catherine lives.

Little is known about where Catherine was found but the Saltash community have sighed a sigh of relief this evening.

But it seems that she caught a bus into plymouth and spent the day in Derrys Cross… Nice one Catherine!

Saltash will sleep better tonight knowing this lady is well.

Saltash people have been sharing and tweeting about Catherine all day since they found out she was missing.

All ends well!

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