PCSO Kirsty Down Returns Home – Message To Saltash Community

kirsty down saltash
kirsty down saltash

PCSO Kirsty Down of Saltash has returned home after her long hospitalisation.

We got in contact with Kirsty and asked how she is feeling now she is back and when she will be back to work.

Kirsty kindly replied to our message even though she is not feeling very strong.

“Firstly a massive thanks to everyone who has sent me well wishes, cards, had me in their thoughts. I’m overwhelmed by the lovely messages I’ve received, even from people I’ve never met.”

“I’ve always known Saltash is an amazing community, but this has truly touched my heart.”

“I was discharged last night from Derriford where the care I received was amazing.”

“I have lost a lot of strength and finding even the most simple of tasks very challenging and tiring, I know it will take time but I’ll get there.”

“I’ve no idea when I’ll be back to duty, and will take it day by day for now.”


For the best part of two weeks, Kirsty has been in hospital due to a meningitis scare, but it is untrue that her sight has been lost.

Kirsty has been receiving massive amounts of support from around the world including Dubai.

Philip Schofield the ‘This Morning’ TV presenter even became aware of Kirsty’s problems and sent a get-well message via Twitter.

phillip schofield
phillip schofield

Hopefully we will see Kirsty back on our streets soon…

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