Pillmere Estate: Parking Has Become A Big Issue For Residents…

dangerous parking junction
dangerous parking junction

Requests have gone out to from the Pillmere Community Association to the drivers who frequent the Pillmere estate to ‘slow down’ and park responsibly.

The association has stated;

“Just a polite reminder can we be considerate where we park, as it can cause dangerous blind corners, and also to watch our speed.”

“We do live on an estate with lots of children (and pets) and we need firstly to have good visibility of the road ahead and to be able to stop if any of them decide to cross they road when they shouldn’t!”

“We have had numerous residents emailing and messaging us, so the problem is very real and we don’t want anyone hurt. It’s also half term, so please be extra vigilant :-)”

“Also children and pet owners, please please know where your children and dogs are, especially if they are not road aware.”



.Many local residents have commented on the situation saying that;

Its about time something was done about this. Cars blocking pavements so pedestrians having to step out into the road as there is no room for us to get around, let alone get a wheelchair or double pushchair around!

Especially parking on the bend opposite Badgers Walk, there is a large car park behind these houses for their use but they continue to park right on the bend!)


It would be lovely if some (not all) drivers going through the sharp bend at the top of Grassmere Way could reduce their speed please.

The Pillmere association works closely with the Town council and is trying to remedy this situation.

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