Police Officer Rescued By Motorist While Being ‘Tussled’ By Criminal…

richard best devonlive.com
richard best devonlive.com

A civilian has been telling how he came to the aid of a female police officer after he spotted her being dragged into the path of oncoming traffic on the A38 in Saltash.

Richard Best, from Devon, was driving home from his job as an assistant manager at Aldi in Liskeard at around 10pm on Tuesday when he says he spotted a police officer engaged in a “tussle” with a man who was pulling her on to the dual carriageway while handcuffed.

Richard, aged 45, said: “I was travelling down the hill towards the tunnel at Saltash when I saw the blue flashing police lights in the distance. The police car was parked in the lay-by and as I passed the vehicle I noticed that there was nobody in it.

“As I began slowing down I was overtaken by two cars, and I suddenly made out the figures of two people struggling in the road. There was an officer on her own involved in a tussle with a much larger man who was wearing joggers and a t-shirt.

“I wasn’t sure what was going on but I knew I couldn’t drive past.I pulled in further down and began to make my way back up to the pair.

“The man was being verbally aggressive towards her and shouting as she tried to get him to the ground and detain him. During the struggle, the man kept pulling her in to the road and screaming uncontrollably.

“I eventually managed to trip the man and we got him in handcuffs.” Throughout the duration of the incident, Richard says there was a steady steam of cars driving past without helping.

According to Richard, the female officer, who was alone at the time, was around 5 ft 3 in height.

The man she was attempting to detain is described as being “well over” 6 ft.

Richard says that the incident instilled him with a great amount of respect for the emergency services.

Source : Devon On Line

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