Repeated Vandalism At Waterside Cause Concern And Cost For Town Council.


Over the last couple of weeks a spate of vandalism has been ‘reported’ from the Waterside area in Saltash.

There are reports of an increase in vandalism and general mischief making on the waterfront from the Just Be Cafe.

With a broken sink in the public toilets and the front of the train in the children’s park broken last weekend and the sign on the park fence being damaged concerns grow as to when these vandals will be caught.

However, we took a trip to the Waterside and the Train looked to us that it was stood on by someone too heavy or was just broken due to wear and tear or perhaps bad design!

There is no sign that this was malicious or more damage would surely have been done as the front only seems held on by two screws.

No-one has reported actually seeing the vandals at work so it is difficult for us to ascertain the real cause.

As far as we could see the toilet sink is just so badly fixed to the wall in the first place that any amount of weight would have removed it from the wall altogether.

Either way, the Saltash Town Council have very quickly responded to these reports and are going to have things fixed ASAP.

What these vandals (if it is vandals) do not realise is that they or their parents will be paying for the repairs via their Council Tax along with everyone else!

If you are one of the vandals then please find something better to do with your time as the Waterside area is now being monitored very closely by locals, police and the new Warden!

If you see a crime like this underway then you are asked to dial 999 immediately.

If you are just reporting damage found then please call the police on 101.

Vandals or poor maintenance?

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