Residents Seek Legal Advice As Council Plan New Allotments

Dartmoor view Saltash
Dartmoor view Saltash

Residents are furious and are objecting profusely to proposed new allotments at Dartmoor View on the Pillmere Estate.

Saltash Town Council has put forward the proposals seemingly based on a survey that was undertaken in the area.

Dartmoor View in Saltash is adjacent to the A38 and is a narrow winding cul-de-sac.

Dartmoor View Saltash
Dartmoor View Saltash

The survey was undertaken by the local council and residents are not happy with the outcome!

The survey answers would suggest that local residents wanted the allotments, but residents who looked carefully at this question were skeptical, saying this survey was bias. Hobsons Choice comes to mind!

Saltash allotment survey

It would appear that this question offers you either an allotment (with parking) or parking or nothing (twice). The question itself only talks about allotments and puts forward no other suggestion.

Local residents at Dartmoor view say ‘it is not the right place for allotments!’ and are now seeking legal advice. Residents have already created a petition to object to this idea and are rallying support.

The 3 main objections to the allotments are:

The council survey was flawed and not representative.

It was not in original planning.

These allotments would not be for Pillmere residents.

There is also the high possibility that slow worms (protected under the wildlife and countryside act 1981) live on that patch of land.

Over the years they have been seen in back gardens and along the raised bank that separates us (Dartmoor View) from the A38.

It is reported that there are currently 70 people on a waiting list for allotments in Saltash. If the allotments go ahead the topo 6-10 from that list will get an allotment. It is suggested they will very unlikely be Pillmere residents.

Residents reaction to the allotments go like this…

“What we really lack as a housing estate is a flat area for exercise for older people to walk around and younger people to play some sport.”

“Dartmoor View residents will be objecting to this idea. Please show your support and help STOP this thank you”

“Unbelievable – why would anyone want allotments – more traffic, mess, security issues..will be fighting this!”

There is also concerns that house prices in the area will be affected by a decision like this.


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