Spate Of Garage Break-ins Across Saltash – Latest Grenfell Avenue

garage breakin
garage breakin

Two or Three times over the last two weeks garages across Saltash have been broken into.

Two places that have reported garage break-ins are Beatrice Avenue and the Close, Lower Burraton, Saltash. Just one week ago we reported on the spate.

Now another Saltash garage break-in has been reported at Grenfell Avenue in Saltash.

The crime took place between 11 pm Tuesday 20th February and 7 am Wednesday 21st February. Items stolen include an Air pump, battery tester and some manual tools.

It is understood that there could be other garages that have been burgled but due to the insignificant loss may not have been reported.

Please come forward if you have any information regarding this, thank you.

Any information please contact Devon & Cornwall Police quoting CR 13122/17. Thank you.

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