vandals At Saltmill
vandals At Saltmill

We just received a report from  Joanna Shepherd at Saltmill.

Today I was saddened to the point of recording why.

For sometime now the level of damage at Saltmill has been increasing but what’s the point? We have an incredible facility for the benefit of all in our community with picnic spots, barbeque grills, child play area, bird watching platforms, bmx track, skate park, basketball, football, American football, dog walking, jogging, green space and sculptures…so why would anyone want to destroy it?

The beautiful tree sculpture is, I fear, beyond repair as it has been left for so long and today I saw another huge piece of timber removed & left outside the ‘safety/protective’ fencing.

The council, along with other organisations do an amazing job keeping Saltmill tidy and maintained, improving it for the benefit of us all. Even today, Sunday morning they were down there emptying the bins. But I fear it will take vast sums of tax payers money to repair the damage caused, money which the council don’t have.

There is no value in pointing blame. We need to look forward to ensure this damage stops & find a way to get repairs done as soon as possible.

So what is the solution?

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