What Scott Did This For 86 Year Old Edward Thomas?

An elderly man says he was ignored by passersby and left to nurse a broken hip for more than an hour after he tripped and fell in his garden.

Edward Thomas, 86, was feeding the birds when he tripped over a piece of wood and suffered the excruciating injury.

The former British Army Sergeant says three youngsters saw his plight, but ran off laughing.

And his granddaughter Lara Orgacki says if it had not been for another man, who she only knows as ‘Scott’, then she fears to think how long Mr Thomas would have lain there.

Lara Orgacki told The Herald: “I just can’t believe people would walk past him and leave him when he was clearly asking for help, it’s disgraceful.

“He was there for over an hour after three people laughed at him then ran off.”

If it wasn’t for the lad we know as Scott, not stopping, God knows how long he would have been sat waiting for help.

The accident happened at about 5pm on Saturday evening in Cowdray Close, Saltash.

Heroic Scott stayed with Edward until his son-in-law arrived.

He then helped to pick him off the floor.

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SOURCE  Plymouth Herlad.

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