Woman Found Guilty Of Fraudulently Taking £9000 From Elderly Resident…

Truro Court
Truro Court

Sharon Nicola Smith, a  51 woman from from Burraton in Saltash has been found guilty of fraudulently taking £9000 from an elderly resident at a care home she worked at.

Sharon Nicola  Smith worked as a manager at Rowan House Care Home in Saltash and is not the owner as some may suggest.

This afternoon, after less than four hours of deliberation, the jury of six men and six women returned to deliver a guilty verdict of  fraud.

Sharon had been found guilty of taking the money from Robert Berridge who is 68 without right and through deception.

It has been put forward that Sharon Smith stole this money due to her gambling habit and that her spending had reached £68,000 in just one year.

Rowan House
Rowan House

During the trial the court heard that Smith worked as a manager at Rowan House care home in Saltash when she took resident Robert Berridge, now 68, to a local Lloyd’s bank branch on a couple of occasions between December 2014 and September 2015 and instructed him to withdraw cash under she said would go towards top up fees for his care.

“The defendant told Mr Berridge when he had to go to the bank and how much he had to withdraw,” Mr Lee added. “He trusted her. She said that the money taken out would ‘pay for his keep’.”
It was in October 2015 when police arrested  Sharon Smith as part of her bail conditions prevented from visiting Rowan House.

But Smith breached the condition by attending the home and allegedly entered the office before being found outside “acting strangely”.

Sharon Smith will return to Truro Crown Court to be sentenced next month.

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